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Find out how the CCG uses your information, what information we record and how we keep your records confidential:

document Fair Processing Notice - Thurrock CCG (76 KB)

Procurement log

spreadsheet Thurrock Procurement Decisions Log (2.71 MB)


folder Policies and Procedures

Terms of References

folder Committee Terms of Reference documents

Service Restriction Policy

pdf service Restriction Policy - May 2019 (3.09 MB)

pdf Thurrock Service Restriction Policy Appendix - June 2018 (178 KB)  - (this document contains information on individual CCG commissioning Policies. It includes Thurrock only policies on assisted conception - including IVF, ICS and IUI, bariatric surgery, breast asymmetry, breast reduction, female sterilisation, vasectomies.)

Individual Funding Request Policy

pdf Individual Funding Request Policy - July 2018 (671 KB)