Personal Health Budgets

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Personal Health Budgets for Continuing Healthcare

Do you, or a family member or someone you look after, need on-going care and support for a complex health condition? Did you know that anyone who is currently eligible, or becomes eligible, for NHS continuing healthcare funding now has the right to have their own personal health budget?

With the option of a personal health budget, there’s an opportunity to have more choice and control over how your health and wellbeing needs can best be met. With the help of our NHS professionals, it’s a way to get treatment and care that can benefit you most. To find out more, see the video below:

A personal health budget is a set amount of money to give you all the support and services agreed between you (or your representative) and your local NHS team. These might come from the NHS, or the private sector, or voluntary organisations – but they will be tailored to you. You don’t have to change the healthcare and support that is working well for you, but you can make changes if there’s something that isn’t working, or maybe you need help to be delivered in a different way.

PHBs in Thurrock

The CCG has a dedicated webpage with information on the scope of the offer in Thurrock and to give clarity to all the options available. For more information, see our Personal Health Budget page.


Purple, a disabled people’s organisation based in Essex, which has been funded by your local NHS to provide information, advice and guidance to people using, or thinking about using, personal health budgets for Continuing Healthcare.

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