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NHS Thurrock CCG is committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of adults from abuse and neglect. We work with our partner organisations, the local authority and police, to ensure that all commissioned services have effective safeguarding arrangements in place.

The CCG’s policies and procedures are designed to protect adults from abuse or breaches of their rights. We consider anyone over 18, who is unable to take care of themselves – either because of mental or physical disability, age or illness – as being more at risk. The CCG are committed to protecting individuals from all types of abuse, including trafficking and have developed as specific statement which details our actions and responsibilities.

Our policies and procedures have been developed in line with national and local guidance, we monitor all services which we commission to ensure that they are compliant with adult safeguarding procedures and training requirements. The CCG have recently developed a PREVENT policy and have provided training for clinical staff within primary care in order to help identify and safeguard those who could be vulnerable to radicalisation.

To better protect adults, the CCG works with its partners so that we can respond quickly and appropriately to any concerns. The CCG Chief Nurse is a partner of the Thurrock Adult Safeguarding Board – a Council led team working to improve practice and responses to adult abuse – this Board is chaired by Graham Carey.

Should you have concerns that a person is being subjected to or at risk of abuse, the adult safeguarding policy explains what you need to do. This could be by raising a safeguarding concern to Thurrock Local authority safeguarding team, the phone numbers and reporting template are included in the policy. Alternatively if the person is suffering abuse this can be escalated directly to the police.

See the links below for our Safeguarding Adults Policy and our Prevent Policy:

pdf Safeguarding Adults - May 2017 (216 KB)

pdf Prevent Policy - May 2017 (353 KB)

Modern Slavery and Trafficking Statement

Thurrock CCG commissions health services for the population in the locality.

The CCG has developed robust policies for Adult Safeguarding and Prevent, in line with national and local guidance. These policies have been approved by the CCG Governing Body and shared with the Thurrock Safeguarding Adults Board. Integral to these policies is the requirement to protect the public from all types of abuse, including modern slavery, by working in collaboration with our providers and statutory partners.

The CCG, in line with due diligence and best practice, only commission/procure services from reputable sources and these processes are subject to thorough assessment and monitoring in line with national standards.

The CCG will continue to monitor all commissioned provider services to ensure that there is full compliance with the national requirement of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and their compliance with the mandatory safeguarding staff training. This will provide assurances that their staff are alert to and know how to report all types of abuse.

SET Adult Safeguarding Guidelines

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Thurrock CCG's safeguarding policies incorporate guidelines for professionals set out in the the Southend, Essex & Thurrock (SET) Safeguarding Adults Guidelines. The links to these guidelines can be found below:

pdf SET Safeguarding adults guidelines - 2017 (1.30 MB)

pdf SET Missing Adults Protocol - 2017 (551 KB)

pdf SET PREVENT Policy and Guidance - 2016 (546 KB)

pdf SET Multi agency Hoarding Guidance - 2016 (422 KB)

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