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In this section you will see the consultations that the CCG is currently holding. We will also share links to other consultations being held by our partners in NHS England, Thurrock Council and other health and care organisations.

The CCG will only display consultations that are most relevant to our work. You can find more consultations relating to Thurrock and the wider health and care system in England on the following websites:

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Consultation the prescription of treatments with low value

NHS England has launched a public consultation on reducing prescribing of treatments that have low value clinically.

consultation image 2

In the year up to June 2017, the NHS spent approximately £9.17 billion on prescriptions for medicines. Part of this bill is medicines which have been ineffective or there is just as effective and cheaper alternatives.

NHS England and NHS Clinical Commissioners have identified products which are either:

  • Items of low clinical effectiveness;
  • Items which are clinical effective but there are alternatives which are more cost-effective products;
  • Items which are clinically effective but are deemed of low priority for NHS funding.

The consultation looks at whether a number of medical items which fit the criteria above should be routinely prescribed, including silk clothes, amiodarone, bath and shower emollient preparations, dronedarone and minocycline.

Anyone can respond to the consultation, which is open for 3 months from 28 November until 28 February. For more information, visit the NHS England Consultation page

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