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for thurrock in thurrock page November 2018

NHS Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) along with our partners at Thurrock Council and Healthwatch Thurrock are embarking on an ambitious vision to radically change the way health and social care services are commissioned and provided for within Thurrock.

One of our primary aims is to enhance care within the community and ensure that patients’ are at the centre of a network of care focused on and fully engaged with them.

Our vision

For Thurrock in Thurrock proposes a new model of health care that would place greater emphasis on neighbourhood based care in communities. Health and social care teams will work closely together to deliver care closer to home, moving away from the current more complex system.

Our proposals will see less fragmentation between services and less reliance on services from outside of Thurrock. By focusing on local care with greater integration between providers, we plan to make the best use of Thurrock funds and resources to pay for healthcare in Thurrock and for Thurrock people.

Next Steps

In the coming months and years, we will be:

  • Bringing intermediate beds back into the area, from 49 spread across Essex to 37 solely in Thurrock;
  • Investing £800,000 in enhancing community services;
  • Developing a blueprint for new services with Thurrock residents including addressing root cause of bad health, improving social and mental wellbeing, managing long term health issues and bringing the hospital into the community;
  • Establishing four Integrated Medical Centres Purfleet, Tilbury, Corringham and Grays.

Download our handy leaflet for a summary of the timescale for change.

For Thurrock in Thurrock newsletter

We want to make sure that we keep you up-to-date with all the latest news on our plans for the area. To that end, we release a quarterly newsletter packed full of useful information. Download the previous issues below:

For older copies of For Thurrock in Thurrock, visit the  folder For Thurrock in Thurrock  of the website.

Views of Thurrock residents

During spring 2016, we conducted an engagement process which saw Healthwatch Thurrock discussing our plans with residents from across Thurrock. The responses gathered showed that people are really getting behind our plans.

There was strong support for keeping care in the community because, when patients are sent to other areas, it can be difficult to stay in touch with relatives which can hamper their recovery. For similar reasons, residents told us that intermediate care should be local where possible, especially where public transport is patchy or non-existent.

How we gathered views

  • Healthwatch Thurrock conducted a number of events and drop-ins so that residents could find out more about our plans;
  • We created a survey that could be completed online or via post so that residents could share their views with us;
  • Our plans were summarised on our website and included our engagement document, which you can still read by clicking here;
  • A twitter campaign also ran to reach social-media-savvy audiences.

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